Porter & Curtis, LLC is a consultative commercial property and casualty insurance broker that strives to reduce its clients’ cost of risk and uncertainty.

Ways we reduce cost.

  1. Build efficient structures. We do this by retaining claim expense in the "working loss layer" and by comparing risk transfer options on a net present value basis;
  2. Mitigate claim expense. We do this by implementing techniques like nurse triage and return-to-work; and
  3. Prevent future losses. We do this by treating root-causes of loss.

Ways we reduce uncertainty.

  1. Broaden coverage. We do this by using proprietary, evolving checklists or by using broker manuscript policy forms;
  2. Identify and address insurable exposures. We do this by using a proprietary coverage profile; and
  3. Add stop loss or cash flow protection. We do this where cost effective.

We deploy these techniques where practical and only in accordance with a client's service plan.

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