We partner with our client’s organization.  This allows us to advocate.

Uniquely, we are structured as a professional services organization; like a law firm, accounting firm, consultant, or other professional services advisor. We are not a sales and marketing organization. We are in the business of giving advice and counsel.

Many unique features of our organization emanate from this structure, as outlined below:

Service.  We have no sales people.  Instead, we grow through client referrals. This approach ties the organization's self-interest to its clients' service experience. This client-centric model is extremely unique in the insurance broking industry.

Knowledge.  We value education.  We only know what we know and therefore we are committed to continuous education. All costs of education are borne by the organization and staff members are tasked with specific learning objectives.

Flexibility.  We empower our staff.  Principals and managers direct and commit resources on behalf of the organization.  There are no organizational silos or constraints inside or outside the organization.  We are free to pursue any resource, wherever it may exist. A typical broker undermines resource sharing across the organization and restricts staff from using its competition's resources.

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